Why did Henry carry out with the Break with Rome?

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  • Why did Henry carry out with the Break with Rome?
    • Dirvoce
      • Wanted to divorce Catherine and marry Anne
        • Henry wanted to  divorce Catherine
      • Henry had to marry Anne before the baby was born
    • Religion
      • Henry wanted more power than the pope
      • Pope wouldn't allow divorce
    • Power
      • Henry made new laws
      • No more taxes were paid to the pope
      • Wanted to becaome the head of the Church of England
      • The pope had  no power once Henry started his campaign
    • What was the most important reason?
      • POWER
      • Power links in with divorce and Religion
      • Henry wanted to reduce the Pope's power to get what he wanted
    • Monastries
      • Henry wanted to close down the monastries
        • The pope loved monastries
        • Henry got THOMAS CROMWELL to make bad reports so the monasteries can close down


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