Geography - Weathering

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    • Physical
      • Freeze-Thaw Action
        • Rainwater enters crack on cliff face
          • At night, temperature drops and water freezes and expands, making the crack bigger
            • During the day, the ice melts and more water is added to the larger gap
              • Process repeats until the rock fall off
      • Salt Crystal Growth
        • Sea water left on rock
          • Water evaporates, leaving salt behind
            • Salt crystals grow and exert pressure on rock
              • Rocks broken apart
    • Biological
      • Plant Roots
        • Plants grow on top of cliff
          • Roots push into cracks in the rocks
            • Rocks broken apart
      • Burrowing Animals
        • Small animals burrow through soil and into cracks in the rock
          • Rock is broken apart
    • Chemical
      • Carbonation
        • Rainwater enters cracks on the cliff face
          • The weak acid reacts with carbonates in the limestone
            • Crack gets bigger


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