Vulnerable Road Users

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  • Vunerable Road Users
    • Most vulnerable road users =
      • Pedestrians
        • Always have priority
      • Cyclists
        • Never overtake a cyclist before you turn left
      • Motorcyclists
        • When helping a motorcyclist if there has been an accident don't remove their helmet
      • Horse Riders
      • Most vulnerable drivers= learners, newer and older aged drivers
    • Crossings
      • Zebra
        • Slow down and prepare to stop if someone is waiting to cross
      • Pelican
        • Light controlled
        • In the flashing amber phase- give way to pedestrians
        • You can go on green: but make sure all pedestrians are gone
      • Puffin
        • Have sensors to detect when people are crossing
          • lights change when crossing is clear
      • Toucan
        • Cyclist cross at the same time as pedestrians- no flashing amber phase
    • Pass Plus Scheme
      • For newly qualified drivers
        • Further training which decreased risks of incidents
    • If a parked vehicle is restricting your view
      • Slowly creep forward until you can see
    • Flashing amber beacons on top of vechiles
      • A  slow moving vehicle
    • If you are in an accident: by law, you must stop if damage is caused to any other person,vechile or property
    • If you're being dazzled by the vehicle behind
      • Set interior mirror to anti dazzle- slow down and stop if you can't see


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