Voting System Advantages

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  • Voting System Advantages
    • First Past The Post
      • Advantages
        • Fair
          • Candidate with most votes wins
        • Simple and easy to understand
          • Voters simply put an x next to the person they want to represent them
        • Usually provides a clear result
          • Lessens chance of coalition government
            • Still possibility of coalition government. Eg 2010 election
      • Disadvantages
        • Favours  larger paries
        • Many Votes are wasted
          • Any one who does not vote for the majoritys vote gets wasted
        • No of seats parliament does not accurately reflect views of votors
    • Aditional Member System
      • Advantages
        • Makes         Parliament more proportional
        • Greater Incentive to vote
          • They believe that there vote will not be watsed
        • Gives smaller parties a chance to gain seats
          • Eg Green Party


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