Voting Models USA

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  • Voting Models in the USA
    • Voting context model
      • Voters consider the nature of the election, the importance of the election and the electoral system in operation before making their choice
        • Could be an explanation for split ticket voting
          • In 2012 Massachusetts, white voters chose Romney for president and a Democrat Senator, could be due to the importance of the system. Low Hispanic turnout in Texas (39% VEP) could be that their voice would not be heard
    • Dominant ideology model
      • According to this model, those with a dominant ideology use their position as the elite in the media and business to orchestrate elections to their advantage
        • It is a Marxist theory
          • In 2010 the 'Where's the birth certificate?' campaign by WorldNetDaily, could have led to Republican control of the HoR in the midterm elections
    • The American voter model 1960
      • This categorsied elections as realigining, reinforcing or anomolous
        • Suggested independent voters who split their ticket are of little importance or intelligence
        • We are currently in dealignment because new voters do not choose a party, not because old ones are disechanted
      • Theorised by Campbell, Converse, Miller and Stockes
      • Exemplified by 29% of voters being independent in 2012
    • Social structures model
      • This model of voter behaviour focuses on social cleavages. A belief in this as the influence of primacy factors leads to stability and low levels of swing
      • This relates to factors such as gender, race and hometown
      • In elections 2004-2012, white voters have always given their votes to the Republicans, as have married people


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