Voting Rights

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  • Should prisoners be given the right to vote?
    • NO
      • Those who commit a custodial crime against society should lose the right to have a say in how that society is run.
      • The threat of losing the right to vote prevents crime and enhances civic responsibility.
      • Giving convicted criminals the right to have a say in ow laws are made would undermine the principle of justice.
      • Prisoners are concentrated in certain constituencies where they are unlikely to remain once free, so they should not be able to choose the local representative for those communities.
    • YES
      • The denial of the right to vote removes a sense of civic responsibility.
      • There is no evidence that loss of the franchise acts as a deterrent.
      • The right to vote is fundamental and cannot be removed.
      • Removal of the vote makes a prisoner a non-person and further alienates them from society.
      • The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the blanket ban on prisoners is a violation of the Human Rights Act.


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