Votes for Women

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  • Votes for Women
    • The Suffragettes
      • Extreme tactics
        • 1908-1910, they began to throw stones at the windows of Downing Street and London Clubs
        • Ambushed Cabinet Ministers and sometimes attacked them
      • 1905-1908, marches, rallies and pestering Liberal candidates at elections
    • The Suffragists
      • Peaceful tactics
        • Tried to show that women act in a responsible and sensible way
    • Liberals attempts to deal with Womens Suffrage
      • 1909, longer jail sentences for women
        • They retaliated with hunger strikes
          • Authorities responded with force-feeding
      • Liberals were split, Lloyd George and Churchill for, Asquith against
    • WSPU organised a rally outside the HoP, which ended in a fight with the police!
    • 1913, Emily Davison threw herself under the Kings horse at the Derby
    • 1913, Lloyd George's house was bombed


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