Voter behaviour: gender, age, ethnicity, region

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  • Voter behaviour: gender, age, ethnicity, region
    • Gender
      • No significant difference between the way men and women vote - no noticeable trend over the past 25 years.
      • Only a slight tendency for women to vote Labour more the men, but this is statistically insignificant
    • Age
      • Tendency for the younger generation to hold more left-wing views, therefore more likely to vote Labour
      • Young voters more likely to vote for a third party, normally Lib Dems
      • Younger people don't wish to be seen as 'conservative' in the general sense
      • Younger voters usually have more radical views on things like environment, social justice, democratic reform - support for Green and Labour
        • Corbyn is seen as the one to bring more profound change
      • Older generation sees Conservatives as more family friendly, security conscious and sympathetic to property owners
    • Ethnicity
      • Ethnic minorities more likely to vote Labour
        • On the whole, the black and Muslim communities are poorer than the white community - factor at work is class and income not race
      • However British Future think tank suggests the bias against Conservatives may be fading
        • A majority of Hindu and Sikh communities now favour Conservatives
          • Are increasing middle class as they are more well established than black and Muslim groups
    • Region
      • Conservatives - English Midlands and South England
      • Labour - London and North England
      • Lib Dems have little support outside London and South England
      • Wales had competition between 4 parties but Labour dominates after 2017


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