Pride and Prejudice Volume 1 (chapters 1-23)

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  • Volume 1
    • Mr Bingley moves into Netherfield.
    • Mr. Bennet visits Mr. Bingley,
    • Mr. Bingley invites friends from London and has a ball.
    • One of his friends Mr. Darcy is very attractive but very proud.
    • we meet the Lucas family, Charlotte Lucas is close friends with Elizabeth
    • There is another ball at the Lucas's and Sir Lucas invites Darcy to dance with Elizabeth but she refuses and he becomes attracted to her.
    • Jane is invited to dinner by the Bingley sisters but catches a cold on the way and is forces to stay there.
    • Elizabeth walks three miles to visit Jane and Darcy is impressed.
    • Mrs. Bennet arrives a few days later and makes a fool of herself and her daughters.
    • Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance, but she refuses again.
    • Elizabeth feels that Darcy hates everyone and Darcy feels that she never understands anyone.
    • Jane and Elizabeth return home.
    • Darcy is glad they left as he feels he was giving Elizabeth more attention than he should have.
    • The Bennets receive a letter from their cousin Mr. Collins, saying he will be staying with them for a week.
    • Mr. Collins arrives and is a strange man.
    • The girls and Mr. Collins go into town a meet Mr. Wickham.
    • Collins is interested in Elizabeth and dances with her twice at Netherfield ball.
    • Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance and she agrees because she is surprised.
    • Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth and she refuses.
    • Jane receives a letter form Mr. Bingley saying that he and his family will be moving away and hints that he will marry Miss Darcy.
    • Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte Lucas and she accepts because he can look after he financially.
    • Charlotte and Elizabeth become less close as friends.


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