Volpone themes of greed, lust and corruption

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    • "Even hell, with thee to boot, is made worth heaven!"
    • "they flay a man before they kill him"
    • "every word your worship but lets fall is a chequin"
    • "hopes to hop over his grave"
    • "no pleasure thou shalt know but backwards"
    • excellent, excellent, sure i shall outlast him"
    • "and disinherit my son?"
      • "this plot did i think on before"
    • "I have bought him an opiate here"
    • "Honor? tut a breath, theres no such thing"
    • "she shall do't tis done"
    • "this lewd woman to that lascivious youth there"
    • "yield, or i'll force thee"
    • "not in your courts, where multitude and clamour overcomes"
    • "make so rare a music out of discord"
  • LUST
    • ""Lusty and full of juice"
    • "angry cupid bolting from her eyes"
    • "I think you'd rather mount? would you not mount"
    • "who's skin is whiter then a swan, all over! then silver, snow or lilies"
    • "sundry times raised me in several shapes"
    • "I cannot live [...] my liver melts"
    • "give your hot spectators satisfaction"
    • "Bright as your gold and lovely as your gold"
    • "tis no sin loves fruit to steal"
    • "without her refreshing breath am but a heap of cinders"


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