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  • volcanoes
    • shield
      • characteristics
        • flat, rounded top, low-lying, broad base, runny/non-vicious lava.
          • Formation
            • Plates move away from each other due to convection currents at a constructive boundary. Magma rises in between two oceanic plates and runny lava creates gentle, wide volcanoes.
    • composite
      • characteristics
        • steep sides, tall, narrow base, sticky/vicious lava
          • Formation
            • plates move towards each other due to convection currents at a destructive plate boundary. The denser oceanic plate sinks beneath the continental plate. Melting of this occurs in the subduction zone due to friction and heat and a pool of magma forms. This rises and the pressure is released in a explosive eruption often along a fault - giving a steep sided volcano of lava and ash.


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