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  • Vogue
    • van zoonan
      • womens bodys are only on display to be looked at
        • example: heatwave
    • Gauntlett
      • media provide us with 'tools' that construct our identity
        • example : sophia loren straight forward representation of female beauty
    • Gilroy
      • colonial discourses to inform contemporary attitudes to race and ethnicity in colonial areas
        • example:ethnic minorittes in the background of 'picninc'
    • Bell Hooks
      • ideological representation of oppression
        • example: exploitation of non white people (only have white people modeling )
    • Hall
      • steretyping
        • example: women are seterotyped to look a certain way - picnic
    • Friden
      • women are categorised in 4 ways
        • example:imperial leather shows a women as a place in the home( as a mother or a wife)


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