vocational education

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  • vocational education
    • vocational training initiatives and qualifications
      • Youth training scheme (YTS)
      • Employment Training (ET)
      • City technology colleges
      • National Vocational Qualifications
    • Vocational education in schools
      • more school-industry links
      • 'young enterprise' in which groups of students create their own small-scale business
      • the growth of business studies in British schools in the main stream school curriculum
      • various forms of work experience including work experience placements and 'job shadowing'
    • Criticisms of vocational ism
      • Marxist have argued that this emphasis on education and training came from an attempt to 'blame' the education system for the failures of British business in the 1970 and 1980s
      • there is a real divide in the types of training available and some appears to be more about  training unemployed youth to accept poor wages
      • feminists have argued that the new vocational ism has reinforced traditional gender divisions in schools and training males dominate Engineering etc and females hairdressing and more caring roles.


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