Vivaldi Concerto in D minor mov 2

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  • Vivaldi Concerto in D minor mov. 2
    • Texture
      • First 3 bars are homophonic
      • Fugal texture builds up to a 4 part polyphony in bar 16
        • LINK to Pachelbel's canon which starts off homophonic when builds up a fugal texture
    • Structure
      • After, first 3 bars, fugal opening
      • Split into episodes and ritornello sections
        • LINK to Vivaldi double cello concerto
        • Episodes written for sonata group, then ritornello section includes everyone
    • Rhythm
      • Homorhythm for first 3 bars
        • LINK to Pachelbel's canon, which also begins homorhythmic
      • Occational tied rhythms to drive forward music
        • LINK to Back Ein Feste Burg mov. 1
    • Melody
      • Subject, then real answer heard a 5th above
        • Circle of 5ths heard in the 2nd half of the subject
      • Counter subject
    • Forces
      • Ritornello (everyone)
      • Episodes (written for sonata group)
      • LINK to Vivaldi double cello concerto
      • Basso continuo
        • LINK to Telemann viola concerto in G minor
      • Makes it sound very baroque
    • Harmony
      • 7th chords in root position in the first 3 bars
      • Tonic pedal at the end of the mov.
      • Occational 1st inverstiion 7th chord
      • Functional harmony
      • LINK to Telemann Viola concerto, which also uses functional harmony
    • Tonality
      • Mainly on D minor, however modulates to related keys in ritornello 2


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