Viva voce preperation

preperation for the spoken part of AS AQA music performance exam. for softly awakes my heart and kijes wedding.

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  • Viva Voce (softly awakes my heart)
    • Background Questions
      • What style is it
        • It is an operatic aria
          • Mezzo soprano solo
            • unusual to have as a solo but popular in french operas
      • When
        • He wrote the opera from 1867-1874
          • Unknown when he wrote softly Awakes
            • He wrote most of act 2 first so most liky in the late 1960's
      • What are the features of that style
        • Smooth, dramatic, sensitive, solos
      • Who composed it
        • Camille Saint-saens
          • As part of an opera
            • In act 2 Delilah is attempting to seduce Samson into telling her his secret of his strenghth
      • Why did you choose this piece
        • Slow piece wanted to improve technique
    • Performance Questions
      • What are the requirments of your piece in terms of:
        • Phrasing
        • Tempo
        • Expression
        • Dynamics
      • How are the acoustics in D7
      • Any performing conventions e.g rubato, ornmantations
      • Listened to other pieces, What influence did this have?
    • Technique
      • How did you overcome this difficulty
      • What is  difficult about the piece
      • How have you approached:
        • *********
        • Breathing


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