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  • Vitamins
    • Vitamin A
      • Needed for growth in children
      • Its a fat soluble vitamin and a anti-oxidant vitamin
      • sources: Carrots
    • Vitamin B
      • Sources: Eggs
      • Needed to realse energy from nutrients
      • Its a water soluble vitamin
    • Vitamin C
      • Its a water soluble and anti-oxidant vitamin
      • It helps to absorb iron
      • Sources: Citrus fruits
      • Needed to prevent illnes and heal cuts
    • Vitamin D
      • Works with calcium and phosphrous to develop strong teeth and bones
      • Its a fat soluble vitamin
      • Sources: Cheese
    • Vitamin E
      • Its a fat soluble and anti-oxidant vitamin
      • Sources: Vegetables
      • Prevents cancers,strokes
    • Vitamin K
      • Untitled
      • fat soluble vitamin
      • Needed for the clotting of blood


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