Vitamin C in fruit juice- core practical

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  • Vitamin C in Fruit Juice- Core Practical
    • Method
      • 1. Measure out 1ml cubed of the control Vitamin C solution using the syringe into a beaker
      • 2. Wash out burette with DCPIP to remove any other chemicals that have been previously used
      • 3. Pour some DCPIP into the burette and measure the starting value
      • 4. Put the beaker under the burette
      • 5.Start pouring DCPIP into the beaker
      • 6. Swirl the beaker once DCPIP enters it
      • 7. Measure the finishing value and work out how much DCPIP you used
    • Apparatus
      • 0.1 DCPIP solution
      • Range of fruit juice
      • 0.1 Vitamin C solution (control)
      • Beaker
      • Burette
      • Syringe
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • The type of fruit juice we will use
      • Dependent
        • The amount of Vitamin C in fruit juice
      • Control
        • Volume of fruit juice
          • Need to be the same so they can be compared
        • Burette used
          • The measurement may be slightly off so the same one will have the same mistake
        • Glass wear that you put the fruit juice in
          • Type of beaker used will affect how much DCPIP is mixed into the solution
            • In a test tube it wont be mixed properly
        • When you stop adding DCPIP
          • Controlled so results can be accurate


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