Visionary Fragments

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  • Visionary Fragments
    • Coleridgean Fragments:
    • Kubla Khan
      • "Psychological curiosity"
      • Coleridge focuses on the architecture and the loveliness of its garden.
      • "Famous and mysterious poem"
      • "At the bottom of the last surviving manuscript: Coleridge was taken ill and took opium for the pain."
    • The Knight's Tomb
    • "Great master of the creative fragment."
    • Coleridge's fragments bring us as close as we can get to the threshold of the creative process itself.
    • He is experimenting, rejecting, forgetting and recovering.
    • Coleridge became fascinated in later life with psychology of creativity and the mechanism of inspiration.
    • The fragments give us a unique sense of Coleridge actually at work as a poet.
    • He is simultaneously the passive, astonished dreamer and the active, meticulous craftsman.
    • He wistfully asks for some younger poet to recover his inspiration for him, and turn the prose notes back to poetry.
  • a small haphazard piece of unfinished work, such as; The Knight's Tomb.
  • Richard Holmes
  • Seamus Perry
  • Seamus Perry


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