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  • Viruses
    • Structure
      • Contain DNA or RNA
      • Some have spikes
      • Some are enclosed by an envelope
      • Contain a protein coat
      • Can be helical, polyhedral, enveloped or complex
    • Classification
      • Capsid symmetry
      • Presence of envelope
      • Dimensions of virion and capsid
      • Nucleic acid type
    • Archaeal viruses
      • Lytic and lysogenic
      • Replicates using host cell's systems
      • Integrated or free in cytoplasm
    • Growing viruses
      • Must be grown in living cells like bacteriophage
      • Can be grown in embryos
      • Can be grown in plant cells
    • Viral replication
      • Prions are infectious proteins which are hard to find and cure
      • Attachment, penetration, biosynthesis, maturation, release
      • Viroids have infectious nucleic acid


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