Virtue ethics weaknesses

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  • Virtue ethics weaknesses
    • One major difficulty is that of identifying the virtues. Are virtues culturally relative?
    • Robert Louden
      • How can virtue ethics be applied to moral dilemmas? It doesn't help people facing a crisis because it does not give any clear rules for action
      • Virtue ethics does not give us any concrete answers and only says it is a matter for the practical wisdom of the person facing the situation
      • It is difficult to decide who is virtuous, as acts which appear virtuous on the outside may not necessarily have good motives and vice versa
    • Virtue ethics does not seem to have room for basic concepts such as rights and obligations, so as a theory it seems incapable of dealing with big issues
      • It does not always have a view about what makes an act right or wrong
    • Virtue ethics  depends on some final end which gives shape to our lives
      • There may not be one and being virtuous may not affect it anyway


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