Virtual Relationships in Aggression

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  • Virtual Relationships in Social Media
    • These are relationships that are conducted through the internet rather than face to face
    • Self-Disclosure
      • Self-disclosure is when a person reveals intimate personal info to someone else
      • High levels of self-disclosure on the internet because of the anonymity
      • Less fear of disapproval on the internet + we may not ever see that P again
    • Absence of Gating
      • Gates are barriers that limit opportunities for less attractive, shy + less socially skilled PPL to meet F to F
      • Social media takes down gates for some people so that they can get further with relationships
      • A Ps true self is more likely to be active on the internet rather than F to F
    • Evaluation
      • Biological basis - Tamir found a bio basis for motivation to self-dis on internet. PFC.
      • Strong virtual - No diff in the quality of online and offline relationships + no more fragile
      • Impact on offline - Zhao said that digital selves can enhance self image
      • Internet importance - Rosenfeld found that PPL with internet at home were more likely to be partnered
      • Better for shy PPL - Baker argued that shy PPL can overcome barriers better on social media


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