Weimar Germany - Violent Parties

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  • Violent Parties
    • Social Democrats (in charge)
      • They wanted a democratic government
      • They were the most popular party in Germany and won a majority in the first election
      • They wanted to improve the position for the workers
        • This was done by taxing the richer people
      • They faced serious opposition from groups that were willing to use violence
      • The Social Democrats offered peace
        • After being through 2 wars, this is what the German people wanted
    • The Communists (Spartakists/ Bolsheviks)
      • VIOLENT
      • They believed that all wealth in Germany should be shared out equally between everyone
      • They believed that what Germany needed was a revolution (total overthrow of the government)
      • They knew the rich would not agree to have their money removed so expected to have to use violence to do this
    • Nationalists (Freikorps and Nazis)
      • VIOLENT
      • Nationalists thought Germany would remailn a weak pathetic country if a strong leader was not put in charge
      • They felt communists should be stopped at all costs
      • Many of them were ex-soldiers
      • Believed Germany needed a revolution
      • Wanted to go back to the days of the Kaiser


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