Lord of the Flies Themes Mindmaps: Violence part 3

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  • Violence
    • Beast, used as a threat, hunt to  kill it, simon
      • Power, most violent become most powerfil, not the case at start
        • Roger, throws stones, destroys sand castles, pushes boulder, hits people for Jack, hench men, enjoys violence
        • '' My hunters ''
          • '' We bought you meat ''
            • '' We'll protect you from the beast ''
              • '' We're english and the english are best at everything ''
                • '' Boys armed with sticks''
                  • '' Stick sharpened at both ends ''
                    • '' I'm scared of him ''
                      • '' ******** to the rules ''
                        • Untitled
    • Jack picks on Piggy, targets him
    • Violence increases through novel
      • Become savage, no longer civilised
        • Evil is within man's heart, if you threw of the rules, they would become evil and corrupt


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