Violence in the Media

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  • Violence in the media
    • violent imagery in the media has been blamed for many incidents of real life violence.
    • James Bulger case.
    • Anderson and Newson both claimed that exposure to violent media leads to violent and aggressive behaviour both short and long term.
    • Cumberbatch: The link between violence and violent imagery is nothing more than press speculation (moral panics)
    • Broadcasting Standards Commission: Children are sophisticated media users and are fully aware of the difference between that shown in the media and real life.
    • Bandura et al research: Bobo doll experiment.
    • Popular claims.
      • Copycatting / imitation
      • Catharsis (resealing violent tension in virtual lives)
      • Desensitization
      • Sensitization
      • Psychological disturbance
      • Exaggeration of fear of violence
    • Questions in the validity or research.
      • How is media violence defined
      • Based off the hypodermic syringe model (not objective)
      • Cannot avoid the Hawthorne effect (demand characteristics)
      • Short term effects are the only ones studied in great detail (lab studies)
      • Cannot be separated from other factors influencing behaviour eg disposition.
      • Almost everyone have been exposed to media violence
      • No grantee that, in real life, people will watch the entire programme etc.


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