Violence and Conflict

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  • Violence and Conflict
    • At this point in the play
      • The idea of fate is clearly shown throughout the prologue.
        • Inevitable = Fate
        • There was nothing any of the charaters could do, in the play, to prevent the deaths of so many characters.
        • The love between Romeo and Juliet is presented to seen wrong.
          • The violence and feud between the families got so bad that it got inbetween the only chance of peace that the families had.
        • We begin to ask whether the difference in families between Romeo and Juliet caused the problems in the play. If they had both came from the same family, would any of this had happened?
          • At the beginning of the play, the families were already in a large feud. But many problems came from Romeo and Juliets relationship, so if fate hadn't occured in the way it did, maybe the families feud would have resolved itself.
          • However the introduction of the love between Romeo and Juliet led to more conflict and unhappiness between the families.
        • Could the prologue be a reading from fate itself, as a person?
          • Perhaps the prologue is a signal to the audience that this is fate and there is no way that any of these characters can force their way out of what will inevitably happen.
      • Violent references - 'grudge', 'mutiny', 'fatal', 'death', 'death-marked love', 'parents rage',
    • Historic Context
      • Violence was seen to be an everyday occurance - it was normal.
        • There was murder in the royal family. this could have presented an image of death and killing being okay to the public.
    • Shakespeares Ideas and Views
      • Romeo and Juliet is about love. but along with that comes violence.
        • Shakespeare wants us to link these two together and allow us to piece together that with love does come dissagreement and feuds.
        • Love is difficult and confusing.
        • The power of Love is strong. love can cause death, rage, anger and suicide.
    • In other parts of the play
      • Sunday - street fight between Capulets and Montagues. Tybalt also tries to pick a fight with Romeo after seeing him at the Capulet party.
        • Tybalt, one of the most violent characters in Romeo and Juliet, wanted a fight with Romeo just because he was from a different family.
      • Monday - Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo kills Tybalt
        • Both deaths were caused by the love between Romeo and Juliet. it all started when Tybalt was unhappy with their relationship so wanted a fight with Romeo. Both Tybalt and Mercutio end up dead as a result.
      • Thursday - Romeo kills Paris. Romeo commits suicide with a potion. Juliet stabs herself.
      • All of the characters with the most violence issues all end up dead by the end of the play.


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