Violence in The Little Stranger

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  • Violence in a little stranger
    • Faraday
      • Page 3. 'im afraid the acorn gave at last'
        • Faraday damages the house because he wants to keep a part of it on his physical person. - shows his desire fro the house early on
        • 'i'm afraid' suggests that he is regretful and he is disappointed in himself for doing it.
      • when he throws the ring at caroline.
        • 'ashamed to say that I threw t hard meaning TO HIT HER.'
          • proves that his love fro caroline was actually just his love for the house
      • Faraday is a doctor so its against his nature to be violent.
    • The incident involving Gillian Baker and gyp.
      • 'Gillian's shriek, a single piercing note that sank at once to a thin, low, liquid wail.'
      • 'Tearing yelp'
        • language with connotations of violence.
          • 'Gillian's shriek, a single piercing note that sank at once to a thin, low, liquid wail.'
      • 'we all heard the sounds'
        • sensory experience for the reader
      • 'her cheek and  lip had turned into drooping lobes of flesh'
        • shocking, Violent imagery
      • 'Mr Morley stepped rapidly over to the dog and, with a curse, gave him a kick; the kick was a hard one and made gyp yelp.'
        • The first example of violence induced by a human in the novel. Comes straight after the violent incident with gyp and ampliphies th
    • Caroline
      • when she kicks faraday at the pond
        • 'with a violence that astonished me'
          • she boots him in the face which shows the extent of her indifference toward faraday sexually.
    • Mrs Aryes
      • outside by the pond.
        • 'a scratch,quite deep, evidently freshly made, blood still rising.
          • suggests that she has been hurting herself. waters uses violence to portray a supernatural preasesnce creating a sinister tone.
      • when she hangs herself
        • 'she had hanged herself , with the cord of her dressing-gown, from an old brass hook on the back of the door.
          • waters creates a gothic atmosphere with the use of macabre imagery
            • 'mrs ayres looked dreadful, bloated and dark.'
    • Roderick
      • when the objects move
        • ''gather itself for a spring' - and the next moment it had launched itself at his head'
      • conflict in his mind.
        • being the man of the house
        • being mentally ill.
      • harms his body with substances.


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