Views on world poverty

This mindmap shows the views on world poverty

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  • Views on world poverty
    • All mainstream Christian denominations take an active part in working towards ending global poverty
    • They emphasise:
      • Following Jesus' example
      • Stewardship
      • Compassion
      • Justice
    • When they help the poor, they are reminded of what Jesus said in the parables of the sheep and goats.
      • Whatever  a person did for someone else they did for Jesus
    • They follow the New Testament  teaching that is not enough to say that poverty is wrong; action is needed
      • A person who ignores someone in need cannot possibly claim to love God.
    • Christians are called to give generously and self-sacrificially of their money, their time and their talents
    • Many Christians give up luxuries in Lent, take part in fast days and Lenten lunches, and sponsored activities
    • The Christian churches teach that the rich have a moral duty to help the poor.
      • By giving aid and reforming the international agencies that keep the poor nations poor
    • Many also take part in campaigns such as make poverty history


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