Views on Reproductive cloning

This mindmap shows christian views on reproductive cloning

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  • Views on reproductive cloning
    • All Christian churches and most individual Christians view it as morally wrong
    • It is disrespectful for humanity by separating the act of sexual intercourse and sexuality itself
    • Playing God with disastrous social and psychological consequences
    • Unnatural, especially when used by same sex or single people
    • Idolatrous to want a copy of oneself
    • Exploitation of the embryo
    • The child is a manufactured product, a commodity not a gift
    • Creates biological confusion
    • Scientists pushing for it motivated by desire for fame
    • Scientific progress may assist evolution of better form of human species
    • Creation of  Dolly the sheep had many failed attempts-likely to be the same with human cloning
    • Danger of reducing the gene pool
    • A few Christians might see it as an act of compassion towards those whom other forms of fertility treatment are not suitable


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