Buddhist and Christian views on racial harmony

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  • Views on racial harmony
    • Christian views
      • Following Jesus' viewpoint
        • Jesus treated a Samaritan as his equal
        • Jesus believed 'love you neighbours'
          • neighbours= people of all races
      • ST Peter
        • God treats all races the same
        • All animals unclean
          • God treats all races the same
      • Follow ST Paul's example
        • no divisions in race
        • 'everyone is equal'-Galatians
        • God created all nations from one man-Adam
      • Christians
        • 70% of Christians are non white
          • non European
        • members from every country
      • Christian churches
        • used statements condeming racism
        • encourage all Christians to promote racial harmony
        • May 1998
          • presidents of churches issued letter
          • against racism
    • Buddhist views
      • anatta
        • no permanent self
        • contradicts this
      • samsara
        • each person has had many lives
        • you may have been born in a different race in a past life
          • irrelevant to what race you are
      • metta
        • loving kindness
        • discriminating would contradict this
      • fourth pecept
        • racist language breaks this
      • everyone has the right to follow any religion they choose
      • respect and learn about other religions


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