Views on divorce and remarrriage

This mindmap shows the roman catholic, protestant and Jesus' teachings on divorce and remarriage.

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  • Views on Divorce and Remarriage
    • Roman Catholic
      • Divorce
      • Remarriage
        • Remarriage after divorce makes matters worse
        • Those who remarry after divorce may not receive eucharist
          • They are encouraged to attend mass and bring up their children as Christians
      • Annulment
        • The Church can grant an annulment in rare cases
          • Examples: if the partner was forced into the marriage, or never intended to keep the vows
        • Is a declaration that a true marriage never took place
          • Partners are free to remarry
    • Protestant
      • Some priests take the Roman Catholic view
      • Others will not allow remarriage in church as long as the vows cannot be made twice
        • But they offer a service of marriage blessing after a civil marriage ceremony
      • Other priests adopt the protestant attitude
        • Marriage is intended to be lifelong but people make mistakes
        • Jesus' teaching is an ideal rather than a law
        • Jesus was always willing to give people another chance
        • They will allow remarriage in church of people who have been divorced
    • Jesus' teaching
      • His teachings about marriage are recorded in two gospels
        • Matthew says Jesus accepted remarriage if one partner had been unfaithful
        • Mark says remarriage was adultery
      • In marriage two became one-united by God and should not be interfered with
      • Jesus taught that marriage was intended to be lifelong
        • The law permitting divorce was a human weakness


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