Views and different types of crime

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  • views about different types of crime.
    • Hate crimes
      • Everyone is equal before God so there should be no reason to victimise certain groups (Christians)
      • Everyone is equal ; there is no justification for targeting certain groups (humanists)
      • it is acceptable to victimise certain sinful groups
    • Theft
      • It is forbidden in many religions
        • In the Ten Commandments it says do not steal
      • It is not as bad as murder because it does not end someones life.
      • The severity may depend on the intention behind the theft
      • The severity may depend on how much was stolen
    • Murder
      • It is forbidden in most religons
        • In the Ten Commandments it says do not kill
      • Humanist will disagree with murder because they believe human life has value and should be treated with dignity.


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