Vietnam war

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  • Vietnam war
    • Ho chi minh
      • he wandered the countryside as a teacher and doctor
      • Ho left Indochina after enlisting as a seaman on a french merchant ship in 1911 and spent 30 years travelling the world
      • he was turned down as a trainee colonial official whilst in france
      • He published anti-colonial new sheets for french Vietnamese and smuggles his views back to vietnam.
      • He was condemned to death by french vietnamese regime should he ever set foot in vietnam again
      • he became one of the founders of the french communist party
      • in 1931, Ho began two years imprisonment in a british jail in Hong Kong before returning to moscow.
      • He joined the chinese communists during their civil war and was imprisoned by Jiang Jieshi's local authorities
      • he changed his name several times to avoid capture
      • in 1941, he formed the Viet minh by merging the ICP with more moderate groups, with the dual objectives of national independnece and social reforms
      • he managed to gain some aid from the american secret service in return for spying on the japanese and rescuing downed US pilots. he considered the americans his allies.
      • He received radios, weapons and training from the US
    • Battle of Dien Bien phu
      • it happened to the west of hanol on the border of Laos
      • the americans supplied the french with $100 million worth of supplies including US aircraft, patrol boats and equipment
      • 1951-53
      • the french spent time defending the supply lines as well as trying to crush the viet minh
      • Viet minh using guerrilla warfare
      • may 1954
      • peace negotiations in geneva - american sponsured
      • the frnech felt that if they defeated the viet minh, they could favour peace agreements
      • Dien Biem phu surrounded by jungle
      • Viet minh destroyed beatrice and so france couldnt get help
      • viet minh also bombed air fields, destroying aircraft and not allowing french to land with supporting troops.
      • Gabrielle, beatrice, Anne-marie and isabel were all french strong holds before the viet minh attacked
      • 7th may , french ordered to surrender and weapons destroyed
      • 1st may , French reduced to scattered pockets of resistance (final assult)
    • Genenva agreement
      • temporary 10-mile demilitarised zone fixed at 17th parallel
      • Elections to be held after one year of consultation, during which time no troop reinforcements, military bases of foreign military  or foreign military alliances were allowed - run by the UN
      • French forced out of indo-china
      • The Usa did not sign the agreement - had to recognise the PRC and they werent prepared to acknowledge it and so they could act without breaking a treaty
    • SEATO
      • south east asia treaty organisation
      • US concerned that india would fall to sommunism - domino theory
      • defensive organisation
      • built around the fear of the domino theory taking over in newlt independent countries
      • many SEATO countries thousands of miles away from USA -
      • maintaining peace in the pacific - politically
      • Australia, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, thialand, UK , USA


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