Vietnam war

By Daniel Harvey

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  • Vietnam
    • USA involvement
      • 1968-75
        • Tet offensive which was in 1968 and it revealed US as weak as they were losing to a third world country showing Kennedy and Johnsons lies plus it show a Viet Cong P.O.W being assassinated on US TV which was done by General Liam
          • Khe Sanh and isolated outposts attacked which was part of Op Hamlet was a distraction for this but they were defeated by Westmorelands forces however they did lose 52 towns and 36 cities all along the west coast
          • US had to destroy villages to save them like Village Ben Tre
          • 5000 dead in Hue and 3000 civilians plus forced 10000 refuges to run
        • My Lai massacre in 1968 which was when they killed 200 innocent people when the "Villagers went to market" Supposingily only leave NLF and supporters of NLF
          • LT. William Calley got the blame and released after three years
        • Ho Chi Minh dies in 1969 and Nixon reduces ground troops by 1972 to 49000
        • Untitled
        • Westmoreland
          • Op Ranch hand ***** 3m acres of forest
            • Op cedar falls focus on iron triangle and saigon made PLAF lose 3000 troops
        • Resignation of McNamara
      • 50-68
        • Operation Rolling Thunder 1965
        • Op. Phoenix 1968
        • Had to impede the N and destroy their transport
        • US strategic Hamlet 1962
          • NLF&PLAF= 3000 troops and rid 2600 out of 3700 bases
        • 61- Inavsion of the bay of pigs which started in Cuba in 1959 and by 1962 Cuban missile crisis
        • 63-Assasinatons
        • Doves- 62- William Harriman and hawks- joint chief of staffs
          • 500 m aid to S.V and 61= 800 to 3000 advisors, 62-10000 and 63-16000
            • Green berets and Civilian irregular defence groups
              • 61- Winston Churchill of asia
                • 63- Battle of Ap back = not attack 350 lightly armed VC with 2000 ARVN
        • Battle of dien bien phu-54
          • Gulf of tokin-64
            • General Khanh led 215000 ARVN+ 250000 supporters
              • VC= 26000 + 70000 volunteers
        • 65- Viet cong attack airbase and kill 9, wound 120 and destroy 22 aircrasts
    • Problems they faced
      • Hate ARVN as not based on skill but who was loyal to General Ky &Thiew
        • Few were Buddhist when population was 86% Buddhist
      • KSU 1970
        • Capital building throwing medals
          • Doge drafting= Burning or ripping drafts
            • Made up of anti nuclear campaigns, pafacists and anti war protestors and students and Vietnam veterans
      • Over 700000 veterans have PTSD
      • 1 year of duty- Holiday to Japan and this would make them not want to go back thus they would go a wall as well as get STD's or addicted on drugs
      • Statistics made by pentagon are wrong as count innocents as VC
      • China and USSR support ( ammunition, anti aircraft guns, T-54 tanks and MIG fighters)
      • Peoples war
      • Guerrilla warfare
      • Corruption of S.V regime
      • Too much US involvement
        • General Westmoreland=206000 more troops but seven wise men and Clifford against this
        • No Public support as spit on those who came home
          • 66- 500000 anti war protest in Ny, 67-10000 in DC 71- 300000 in DC and Hippy movement
        • 65-99000 troops,66-268000, 67-449000, 68-535000, 69-539000, 70-415000,71-239000, 72-49000
      • 68- economic crisis
      • Thich Quang Duc in 1963 and martial law
      • 26m US men can be drafted only 13 million did
    • Overall
      • Overall it was a failure as they got so entangled which is emphasised by the troops in 69- being at a peak of 539000 with 500 million aid and all the other things **** the S.O.G and the green berets, and by the end of it they left Vietnam doomed to fail as they had a corrupt government
        • Untitled
    • Background
      • 1930- Ho chi Minh led peasant revolts
        • 41- Viet Minh fromed from ICP and moderate groups
          • 1945- Vietnams independence along with the Philippines, japan 51 and the Karin treaty for Korea in 1943
            • 46- war of resistance
              • 50- DRV recognised
  • 1970- Henry Kissinger starts peace talks
    • 1973 ceasefire
      • 1975- PAVN invade the south
  • Needed to protect Khe sanh better as had to drop 10000 tons of bomb to save it
  • Cu Chi Tunnels which were 45 miles longs plus booby traps
  • 62- B52 bombers attacked communist parties in Laos


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