Vietnam war

By Daniel Harvey

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  • Vietnam
    • USA involvement
      • 1968-75
        • Tet offensive which was in 1968 and it revealed US as weak as they were losing to a third world country showing Kennedy and Johnsons lies plus it show a Viet Cong P.O.W being assassinated on US TV which was done by General Liam
          • Khe Sanh and isolated outposts attacked which was part of Op Hamlet was a distraction for this but they were defeated by Westmorelands forces however they did lose 52 towns and 36 cities all along the west coast
          • US had to destroy villages to save them like Village Ben Tre
          • 5000 dead in Hue and 3000 civilians plus forced 10000 refuges to run
        • My Lai massacre in 1968 which was when they killed 200 innocent people when the "Villagers went to market" Supposingily only leave NLF and supporters of NLF
          • LT. William Calley got the blame and released after three years
        • Ho Chi Minh dies in 1969 and Nixon reduces ground troops by 1972 to 49000
        • Untitled
        • Westmoreland
          • Op Ranch hand strip 3m acres of forest
            • Op cedar falls focus on iron triangle and saigon made PLAF lose 3000 troops
        • Resignation of McNamara
      • 50-68
        • Operation Rolling Thunder 1965
        • Op. Phoenix 1968
        • Had to impede the N and destroy their transport
        • US strategic Hamlet 1962
          • NLF&PLAF= 3000 troops and rid 2600 out of 3700 bases
        • 61- Inavsion of the bay of pigs which started in Cuba in 1959 and by 1962 Cuban missile crisis
        • 63-Assasinatons
        • Doves- 62- William Harriman and hawks- joint chief of staffs
          • 500 m aid to S.V and 61= 800 to 3000 advisors, 62-10000 and 63-16000
            • Green berets and Civilian irregular defence groups
              • 61- Winston Churchill of asia
                • 63- Battle of Ap back = not attack 350 lightly armed VC with 2000 ARVN
        • Battle of dien bien phu-54
          • Gulf of tokin-64
            • General Khanh led 215000 ARVN+ 250000 supporters
              • VC= 26000 + 70000 volunteers
        • 65- Viet cong attack airbase and kill 9, wound 120 and destroy 22 aircrasts
    • Problems they faced
      • Hate ARVN as not based on skill but who was loyal to General Ky &Thiew
        • Few were Buddhist when population was 86% Buddhist
      • KSU 1970
        • Capital building throwing medals
          • Doge drafting= Burning or ripping drafts
            • Made up of anti nuclear campaigns, pafacists and anti war protestors and students and Vietnam veterans
      • Over 700000 veterans have PTSD
      • 1 year of duty- Holiday to Japan and this would make them not want to go back thus they would go a wall as well as get STD's or addicted on drugs
      • Statistics made by pentagon are wrong as count innocents as VC
      • China and USSR support ( ammunition, anti aircraft guns, T-54 tanks and MIG fighters)
      • Peoples war
      • Guerrilla warfare
      • Corruption of S.V regime
      • Too much US involvement
        • General Westmoreland=206000 more troops but seven wise men and Clifford against this
        • No Public support as spit on those who came home
          • 66- 500000 anti war protest in Ny, 67-10000 in DC 71- 300000 in DC and Hippy movement
        • 65-99000 troops,66-268000, 67-449000, 68-535000, 69-539000, 70-415000,71-239000, 72-49000
      • 68- economic crisis
      • Thich Quang Duc in 1963 and martial law
      • 26m US men can be drafted only 13 million did
    • Overall
      • Overall it was a failure as they got so entangled which is emphasised by the troops in 69- being at a peak of 539000 with 500 million aid and all the other things kike the S.O.G and the green berets, and by the end of it they left Vietnam doomed to fail as they had a corrupt government
        • Untitled
    • Background
      • 1930- Ho chi Minh led peasant revolts
        • 41- Viet Minh fromed from ICP and moderate groups
          • 1945- Vietnams independence along with the Philippines, japan 51 and the Karin treaty for Korea in 1943
            • 46- war of resistance
              • 50- DRV recognised
  • 1970- Henry Kissinger starts peace talks
    • 1973 ceasefire
      • 1975- PAVN invade the south
  • Needed to protect Khe sanh better as had to drop 10000 tons of bomb to save it
  • Cu Chi Tunnels which were 45 miles longs plus booby traps
  • 62- B52 bombers attacked communist parties in Laos


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