Viet Cong Tactics.

The Tactis The Viet Cong Used Against The US And The ARVN Military

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  • Viet Cong Tactics.
    • Tunnel Systems
      • In Jungles And The Countryside
      • Riddled With 'Booby' Traps
    • Punji Stake Traps
      • Sharpened Bamboo
      • Disabled The US Soldier's Ankles And Calves
      • Often Found Around The Jungle And The Tunnel Systems
    • Hearts And Minds
      • They Helped Out The Poor South Vietnamese Farmers
      • The South Vietnamese Gave Them Food, Hiding Places And Support
    • Mines
      • Bouncing Betty's
        • Common Danger For American Soldiers
        • Type Of Land Mine
        • Would Not Detonate On The Ground, Would Jump A Few Feet In The Air Before Exploding Shrapnel At Waist Level.
    • Used Night Attacks So US Soldiers Were Unaware


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