Viens, Arteries and Capilleries

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  • Viens, Arteries and Capilleries
    • Capillaries
      • Arteries branch into capillaries
      • Capillaries are really tiny- too small to see
      • They have permeable walls so substances can diffuse in and out of the cell
      • It’s job/role
      • Walls are usually one cell thick
        • This increases the rate of diffusionby decreasing the distance it occurs over
      • Very small lumen
    • Veins
      • Carries  blood to the heart
      • Join up why to make capillaries, eventually
      • There is lower pressure in the viens than the artérites, so the walls aren’t as thick.
      • The have valves to keep the blood flowing in the right direction
    • Arteries
      • They carry blood away from the heart
      • The heart pumps the blood out at a high pressure so the artery walls are strong and elastic
      • The walls are thick compared to the size of the lumen (the hole down the middle)
      • They contain thick layers of muscle and elastic fibres
        • The  layers of muscle make them strong
        • The elastic fibres allow them to stretch and spring back


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