Victorian England

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  • Victorian England
    • Class Division
      • This was a long period of 'prosperity,peace, refined responsiveness,and national self possession'
      • The aristocrat class became part of the upper class
    • Crime
      • the courts and the Judiciary system had more power than they should have.
      • They had no access to lawyers etc...
      • The victorians were very worried about crime and they had very severe punishments.
        • punishments such as hanging.
        • offences went up from about 5,000 a year in  1800 to over 20,000 a year in 1840
      • Poverty increase at a similar rate to crime.
    • Religion
      • Protestant/ Church of England developed
      • Greatest burst of church building since the middle ages
      • Some began to doubt the bible because of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
      • The Industrial revolution and new scientific ideas made people believe that anything could be possible
      • The number of people who got an education increased
      • Church began to lose its power over people
    • Scientific advancement
      • First  time scientist had been seen as a professional its own right.
    • Medical Advancement
      • Health and Hygiene
        • They believed that disease was because of bad smells not bad hygiene.
        • Public Health Act
        • Began to learn about the germ theory.
        • Large epidemics
      • Treatments.
        • Began to understand how to successfully use antiseptics, Anaesthetics, X-rays
        • They would use herbs as a way to cure people
    • Supernatural beliefs
      • People began to believe in the supernatural more than ever because  the Theory of Evolution challengedthier religious beliefs.
      • Also as more was found out about what the world could do in the industrial revolution people doubted where the limits would be.
      • Spiritualist movement.


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