Victims of Crime

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  • Victims of Crime
    • Victims of crime are the customer of the CJS
      • if they don't have confidence in the CJS then...
        • Report levels will drop
        • Victims will be unwilling to give evidence
        • Offenders will go unpunished
      • This has led to...
        • National crime recording standards giving priority to victims account over polices view of the evidence
        • A move towards restorative justice
    • Social Construction of Victimisation
      • A large proportion of victimisation never comes to the attention of the CJS
        • particularly domestic violence, sexual assaults, white collar and corporate crimes
      • Some victims may not even know that they are actually a victim, or refuse to accept that they are victims
        • This is because...
          • They may blame themselves for provoking it
          • Reject the label in order not to feel foolish or weak
          • Victims may be denied victim status by others
      • Ethnic minority women may be ***** or sexually assaulted  for the shame their victimisation has brought on the family
    • why are some social groups more likely to be the victims
      • Positivist Approach
        • Tierney
          • Victim Proneness
            • identities the characteristics of individuals or groups that make them more vulnerable to victimisation
          • Victim Precipitation
            • Suggests that victims are actively involved in, or to blame for their victimisations
      • Radical Approach
        • Focuses on how wider issues including CJS produce victimisation
          • social deprivation making weakest member of society likely to be victims
          • Intimate crimes are an aspect of male power in a patricharal society
          • Under-protection of ethnic minorities by a racist police force, influence the view ethnic minorities as perpetrators rather than victims


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