Vocational educational training

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  • VET (vocational educational training)
    • New Vocationalism- education's main function is to provide the economy with a skilled workforce taught the specialist skills needed.
    • YTS, apprenticeships, (G)NVQs, vocational A levels, etc.
    • Transmits the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for certain careers
    • Rob Strathdee- New Labour's VET policy reproduces inequality through forcing working-class or ethnic minority students onto courses leading to low pay/status jobs
    • Carol Buswell- YTS channels girls into traditional low-paid jobs, e.g. retail work
    • Dan Finn- YTS provides cheap labour for employers, undermines trade union power, keeps unemployment statistics down, and keeps youths off the streets
    • Marxists- true function is serving capitalism and reproducing inequalities
    • Phil Cohen- YTS teaches young workers the attitudes and values a subordinate labour force holds


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