Vesalius and the human anatomy

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  • Vesalius and Human anatomy
    • 1543 published "The fabric of the Human Body"
      • Many years of work studying the human body
        • Able to gain information about anatomy through dissections
          • executed criminals
          • Established the importance of dissection in further research
            • dissection became increasingly important
      • Detailed human anatomy like never before
        • Jan Kalkar = illustrator
      • Printing press help share  work
      • Discovered various errors  Galen's work
        • Galen performed his dissections on pigs, monkeys and dogs
    • 200 years prior dissection was important
      • prohibited from dissecting human bodies
        • Had to observe
          • passages from Galen's findings were read and the specified area dissected simultaneously
            • Problematic
              • Not everything was dissected
                • only what Galen specified was dissected
                  • Galen's view went unchallenged
    • Firmly believed that physicians should undertake the dissection themselves
      • Initially stole the bodies of criminals
    • Vesalius still faced opposition
      • He was opposing beliefs that were held to be true for years
      • Questioning the expertise of other physicians


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