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  • Vesalius
    • Anatomy, so far
      • Doctors believed Galen's studies of anatomy were fully correct
      • Dissection was carried out to show Galen  was right, not to check or challenge him.
      • Galen said it was important to carry out dissection on human bodies but he had used animals.
    • Achievements
      • Vesalius wrote The Fabric Of The Human Body which was the 1st highly illustrated book on human anatomy
      • Vesalius respected Galen's work but wan't afraid to challenge him and proved him wrong in some ways
        • The jaw bone is made from one, not two as Galen said.
        • The breast bone has three parts, not seven.
        • Blood doesn't flow into the heart through invisible holes in the septum
    • Technology
      • He used the new invention of printing to ensure no mistakes were made when copying.
      • He chose the best printer for his illustrations to be perfect.
      • Thousands of copies printed quickly, worldwide
    • Individual Genius
      • Inventive and Determined
      • Once stole a criminal's body to dissect
    • Art
      • Dissection was growing popular for artists to draw in Italy so Vesalius hired famous artists to illustrate his book
    • Attitudes
      • Respected Galen but saw it as vital to challenge his ideas and to ask questions.
      • Carries out  as many dissections as possible-as many as he is allowed.
    • BUT
      • Many doctors refused to accept that Galen was wrong.
      • Nobody was healthier as a result of Vesalius' work


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