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  • Verbs
    • Action Word
    • Thought + Running
    • Infinitive Verb
      • The basic form of the verb, often preceded by the word 'to'
      • To follow + to run
    • Main verb
      • Describes the action
      • ran or run, thought or thinking
    • Auxiliary Verbs
      • Supporting Verbs
      • Might, have, been
    • Dynamic Verbs
      • Describe activities or events with can begin and finish
      • play, melt, hit
    • Stative Verbs
      • Refer to a state or condition which is unchanging
      • hate, believe, contain, own
    • Primary Auxiliary Verbs
      • Used with other verbs to form tenses, moods and voices of other verbs
      • be, do + have
    • Modal Auxiliary Verbs
      • Combine with words to express nexessity, possibility or ability
      • must, shall, will, should, ought (to), can, could, may + might


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