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  • Venous Return Mechanisms - Starlings Law (SV is dependant upon VR)
    • Pocket Valves
      • Prevent back flow of the blood
      • direct the blood flow back to the heart
    • Skeletal Muscle Pump
      • Veins are situated between the muscles
        • when contracting and relaxing they help push/squeeze blood through the veins
    • Respiratory Pump
      • During exercise breathing becomes deeper and faster
        • causing greater pressure changes in the thorax, therefore increasing the pressure in the abdomen
          • causing the blood in the veins in this area to be squeezed back to the heart
    • Smooth Muscle
      • The smooth muscle in the veins VENO-CONSTRICTS
        • helps squeeze the veins for blood the go back to the heart
    • Gravity
      • Blood from the upper body above the heart in aided by gravity
        • helps blood flow back to the heart
    • These help prevent Blood pooling
      • where the blood sits in the muscles and veins because there is lack of pressure to return to the heart


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