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      • AIMS
        • Bring the church up to date.
        • Bring the leadership of the Church closer to the people.
        • Open the Church to the 'wind of the Holy Spirit'
      • Held by Pope John XXIII
      • Held in the 1960s
    • SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM   (Changes to worship)
      • Simpler mass in the VERNACULAR language.
        • VERNACULAR: language of the local people
      • Laity allowed to lead bidding prayers and Bible readings.
      • Priests could face the people during mass.
    • LUMEN GENTIUM (changes to the nature of the Church)
      • The Church should be a circle, rather than a pyramid. Everybody joined together with the Pope and Bishops leading and holding things together.
      • Every Christian is called to serve Christ  and all Baptised are part of the common priesthood.
      • The sacramental priesthood is taken from the common priesthood to celebrate the sacraments.
    • GAUDIUM ET SPES (changes to morals and values)
      • Affirmed the human rights and dignity of each person.
      • Peace and Justice are necessary for all.
      • Encouraged dialogue with atheists and secular groups for social action and change.
      • Expressed concern over morals and values in the changing world.
    • DEI VERBUM (changes to the Bible)
      • Bible should be read in the vernacular language.
      • Catholics should apply the Bibles teachings to their everyday lives.
      • Protestants and other Chritians should be seen as 'Separated bretheren'
      • Catholics should pray with other Christians to work for greater unity.
      • Communion should not be shared without a greater unity in faith.
      • SUCCESS
        • Some Catholics saw the changes as much needed and very welcome.
        • People were glad to see the Leadership of the Church inviting the Laity to having a bigger role in running their own Church communities.
        • Some Catholics were very unhappy with changes such as changing the language of Mass.
        • Some Catholics thought the changes did not go far enough.


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