Varieties of Conservatism

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  • Varieties of Conservatism
    • Traditional
      • Original  ideology of the old Tory Party
      • Britain didn't need a liberal revolution that plagued Europe, it was already a free society secured by tradition and institution
      • They say  that humans are fundamentally irrational and in need of leadership
        • Because of this, humans need hierachy, authority and leadership
      • Elements in the current Conservative party include nationalism under eurosceptism and royalism
    • One Nation
      • Fundamental importance of hierachy and elitism, betters had a duty to help out the lower types
      • A nation that had witihin it very great wealth and dreadful levels of property was not  stable
      • Some argue that it was this that was at the forefront of the post war consensus - NHS, welfare
    • New Right
      • Radical breed adopted by Thatcher Government
      • Based upon neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism
    • Neo Liberalism
      • Laissez-faire, free market capitalism
      • Not generally associated with the right until 30s depression and mrs T (UK
    • Neo- Conservatism
      • Strong approach relating to traditional values
      • Rejection of permissive liberal ideology of the 1960s


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