B1h Variation and Inheritance

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  • Variations and Inheritance (B1h)
    • Environmental and Inherited human characteristics
      • Intelligence
      • Body Mass
      • Height
    • Chromosomes
      • Held in the nucleus, that carry information in the form of Genes, which control inherited characteristics
      • Most body cells have chromosomes in pairs of 23 (46 In total)
        • Gametes have half the number of chromosomes.
    • Inherited Disorders
      • Sickle Cell Anaemia
      • Red Green Colour Blindness
      • Cystic Fibrosis
      • Caused by faulty alleles.
    • Causes of Genetic Variation
      • Mutations
      • Gamete Formation
      • Fertilisation
    • Alleles
      • Different versions of the same gene.
      • Dominant Alleles
        • Expressed if present
      • Recessive Allele
        • Only expressed if the dominant allele is not expressed.
    • Genetic Terms
      • Homozygous: Two identical alleles
      • Heterozygous: Two different alleles
      • Genotype: The genetic makeup
      • Phenotype: The characteristics expressed.


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