Mindmap to help with variation causes and investigation

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  • Variation
    • The differences that exist between individuals
      • Interspecific: Variation between different species
      • Intraspecific: Differences that occur within a species
        • Caused by:
          • Genetic Factors (Same alleles, blood type, eye colour) This is inherited from your parents
            • All members of a species have the same genes (that's what makes them the same species)
              • Individuals have different versions of those genes = Alleles
                • The alleles an organism has makes up its genotype
                  • This results in different phenotypes (characteristics)
          • Environmental Factors (illness, hair colour, height, temperature)
    • Can be a combination of both genetic and environmental factors
      • E.G. Someone may have the genes to grow to 6 feet tall, but their diet could affect this
    • When studying variation you only have to look at a sample of the population
      • Too time consuming/ pretty much impossible
      • Samples used as models for whole population
      • Cannot be biased - must be random


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