Variation 7.1, 7.2

Causes of/investigating variation

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  • Variation
    • Intraspecific variation
      • Variation within the same species
    • Interspecific variation
      • Variation between members of different species
    • Causes of Variation
      • Genetic
        • Mutations
          • variety in asexual organisms can only be increased by mutation
          • sudden change in a gene
        • Fusion of gametes
          • Variety of offspring two parents can produce
        • Meiosis
          • Mixes up genetic material, special form of nuclear divison
        • Genetic factors can be grouped, generally controlled by a single gene, represented on a bar chart
      • Enviornmental
        • Climatic conditions
        • Food availability
        • Soil conditions
        • e.g. height and mass. Form a continuum. Represented on a graph, forms a normal distribution curve
          • can work out mean and standard deviation
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