Variation, Reproduction and new tech

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  • Variation, reproduction + new tech
    • Inheritance
      • Nucleus contains Chromosomes
        • Chromosomes carry genes
      • Sex cells are called Gametes
      • Genetic info is passed down by reproduction
      • Genes control characteristics of your body
    • Types of reproduction
      • Asexual reproduction- one parent.
        • Cloning
      • Sexual Reproduction- involves fusion of gametes, 2 parents.
    • Cloning
      • Genetically identical to parents
      • Cheap and effective in plants.
        • Useful in farming and agriculture.
      • Animals or plants are genetically modified to produce useful substances.
      • Advantages:
        • Can make the best animals
        • Genetic disorders cured
        • Medicine produed
        • Plants resistant to herbicides or insects
      • Disadvantages
        • Expensive for farmers
        • Effect of eating GM crops on human health
        • Ethical?
    • Adult cell cloning
      • 1- Nucleus removed from egg cell and placed inside empty egg cell.
      • 2- New cell is given an electric shock which causes it to divide. Ball of cells is called an embryo
      • 3- Embryo genetically identical to adult skins cells. It is then inserted into the womb.


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