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  • Variation
    • Animals of the same species
      • less obvious differences
        • For example: Specimens of the same variety of crop
          • Tomatoes and Potatoes =                   Difference in    Colour, Mass, Length, Diameter, Taste.
    • Animals of different species
      • obvious diffrences
    • Genes
      • Nucleus of all animal cells contain genes
      • Genes are arranged in Chromosomes like beads on a necklace
      • They are instructions which control the characteristics that develop in different individuals
    • Effect of environmental differences
      • Identical twins are formed with the same egg and sperm; therefore, their genetic information are exactly the same, but there are still obvious difference due to environmental and way of living factors.
      • It has more of an effect on plants, due to differences in light, temperature, soil acidity or alkaline.
    • Variation is caused by 3 factors
      • Inherited         Environment   Combination of both
        • Environment examples-       Strength and weight
        • Both examples-        Personality and intelligence
        • Inherited examples-        Eye and hair colour


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