Values of Care

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  • Values of Care
    • Maintaining Confidentiality
      • Keeping information on a need to know bases.
      • E.g. Locking files away
      • E.g. Putting password on computer
    • Promoting Idividuals right and belief
      • Respecting peoples belief and rights which include lifestyle, relgion, ect.
      • E.g. choice of gander for doctor
      • E.g. right to say no
      • E.gcelebrating different cultures
    • Valuing Diversity
      • E.g. showing different groups of people in poster/leaflets
      • E.g. meeting individuals needs example having hearing loops
      • E.g. information in different language
      • This is treating everyone the smae and offering choices for individuals
      • E.g. Offering chioce of food


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